Notice regarding personalised CDs from Treefrog Studios.

Paul Draper Music is the copyright owner for all of the content on personalised CDs produced by Treefrog studios.

Since May 2012 any CDs produced containing Paul Draper Music copyright material have been made without authority of the copyright owner. Any problems relating the failure of these CDs should be referred back to the retailer where they were originally purchased.

The postal address of 46 Barrow Nook Lane contained in the CD packaging is no longer connected to Treefrog Studios in any way and we politely request that this address is not be used in attempts to contact the manufacturer. Paul Draper Music is unable to assist in contacting the manufacturer of any products labelled Treefrog Studios.

Paul Draper Music no longer produces CDs, but all personalised songs are now available on MP3 for download via their new website These products will be fully licensed and supported by Paul Draper Music. A full list of available names is on the website and we are always happy to receive requests for names that are currently not listed.

Paul Draper Music website under construction.

Forward to All About Me MP3